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My Van

2010-01-19 00:34:16 by SoldierExile

Well my big blue van of doom was stolen recently and it put me in a pretty F**KING bad mood all week. its supposed to rain all week all day and night and morning...etc and i have to walk to school at 7:30 in the morning when its but ass freezing outside, rainy, and windy.....

so ima take what i feel and express it,

who votes i should make a flash vid on it, yes it would be my first i submited here and probably be shitty.

or you can vote new techno song. Your pick, Ive submited a song here before and if you like vote for a new song if not vote video. or say i suck and go kill myself... but that wont do no good cause im gonna do one or the other without the me dieing.


2009-11-05 03:13:02 by SoldierExile

Not cool, Ive been a member here for like almost 4 years, im a very inactive user, i mean, i have my moments when im on here. but look at my blams and saves... and lvl i oculd be like lvl 30-40 or higher by now... wtf is wrong with me HAHAHAHA

Me and my post

2009-07-20 05:36:37 by SoldierExile

Well, thought i would post since i dont post at all. HERE IT IS MY POST....


dont stare too long i know its good and all but its not good manners to stare...